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I joined GJC back in October 2013 as I like singing and stumbled across a poster advertising the choir quite by chance, so decided to pop along and see what it was like. Now, I'm so glad that I did. In the early days, we were very small with only a couple of people singing each harmony section. Although this was still enjoyable, it was quite a pressure on us to attend all rehearsals and all performances. Nowadays we have grown and our larger membership means that we have much more flexibility and so are able to sing bigger and better arrangements.

However, we are still small as some choirs go and so have retained a very friendly feeling, just like one big family. I only hope that we don't get so big that we outgrow our lovely rehearsal space above Café Mila! Phoebe is amazing - very talented, very patient, very flexible and she ejoys working with all ages and all abilities. She encourages us to take the occasional solo to improve our confidence and the songs she chooses are all popular and enjoyable to sing and perform. We are also fortunate to have Alex, who is our 'rock' on the keyboard. He always seems to know when we need that extra bit of musical support! So, if you are thinking about joining us, just remember:- Singing is good for your health, it is good for your well-being, and its sociable and fun.


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