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Claire's GJC - From The Members

I’d been wanting to join a choir for quite a long time before I found GJC. I seemed to be avoiding joining formulaic choirs and classical choirs and didn’t really know what I was looking for. Then when I moved into the area I happened to see a poster for GJC. I think it was the word Jazz that got me interested.

I was able just to show up and try without a fuss. I wasn’t put on the spot and they were such friendly folk. Phoebe just has that perfect way of making you feel involved and motivated without putting too much pressure on. She also does pretty much all her own original arrangements, which I think is so cool.

I really look forward to my Sunday evenings at Café Mila both for a good sing and to see everybody. Lovely folks, all ages. It’s just such a positive experience (and a life saver sometimes because choir is guaranteed to lift my spirits... in that way it’s even more reliable than chocolate or red wine!) I don’t think I had expected to love being a part of something as much as I do this choir.

It’s remarkably politics-free and virtually bicker-free which, let’s face it, is really refreshing and surely must all be down to Phoebe’s wonderful attitude to music and life.

I love how the choir has grown and it’s such a kick to be a part of the sound. When we get it right it makes me feel really proud of us all. Singing is definitely good for the soul and singing with other people is a wonderful feeling.

Phoebe and Alex are a great team, both talented and always enthusiastic. I’m looking forward to our next social at Café Mila. And Lizzy, for goodness sake, are you EVER coming home from India? Us altos need you :)

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