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Flossie's GJC - From the Members

What can I say? Choir is the best part of my week...think of this as you will but it is what I most look forward to.

When I started coming along to choir i was the irregular girl, the one who came when she wished. The page along if you will. I am the leader, Phoebe's, sister and I felt like I should be there to begin with, even though I've always enjoyed a good old sing. It wasn't long however, that i realised i was singing with love and affection. I was meeting extraordinary people. People of all ages, cultures, all walks of life. People I am now proud to call my friends. People I would have never known without choir, or my sister. Before i knew it I looked forward to coming to choir so much I was counting down the days, Needless to say I am now a fully fledged member.

I have always loved singing, me and Pheebs would get up and sing along to Van Morrison, David Grey or whoever Dad has set off. Without hairbrushes in tow whenever we could. She would always lead of course! People call me the bossy one but when i came to getting the notes right not one person could be as persistent as Phoebe. I guess that's why she's a natural.

Choir for me is fun, energetic and a way of releasing the stress that comes with anyone's day to day life. We sing everything from theatre songs to pop, old school and of course my favourite Jazz. Choir stops for noting. Just last week we had a whole session run by candle light as Godalming experiences a power cut!

I look forward to all of the performances! To sing in front of people gives me a thrill like nothing else. Even if i do feel nervous! Ive not yet been to a performance which hasn't ended in rapturous applause. Which I view as a huge success.

Oh and before I forget, biased as i might be I think Phoebe is inspirational She is 26! If I have achieved half the things she has in three years time i'll be laughing. What an amazing person i get to look up to, huh!

Last but not least I think it is only right to say I leave a fantastic group of singers happy every Sunday. Who can ask for more than that?

Signing off...a very content GJC choir member.


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