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Caroline's GJC - From The Members

My Reflections on GJC.

Sunday night singing with GJC after a summer off... room buzzing with friendly banter. Windows mist over as we do our warm ups .. "I wanna a Gin and tonic, pint of larger, glass of cider, Gin and tonic now! " - yup everyones in the mood to sing!

Choir members choose their favourite songs...

.." A kiss to build a dream on, Let it go, Fix you, Send my love, Wonderful world ...and a new one .. "There's nothing holding me back!" .. says it all!

As we welcome new choir members I realise I've been coming for 6 months... ! No excuses .. Time to scat!

Singing makes me happy 😊 Sunday nights with GJC makes me happy! Thank you team GJC 🙏.

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