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Lizzie's GJC - From the Members

Not long after I moved to Godalming I started going to yoga classes at Cafe Mila, and it was there that I saw the bright cheery leaflet with an invitation to a free taster session with the Godalming Jazz Choir. I emailed Phoebe who even from her first reply sounded bright and friendly and welcoming. I felt nervous joining this group where I didn’t know anyone, but Phoebe and all of the choir members welcomed me and it didn’t take long for me to feel at home in the Mila studio every Sunday night. I love the repertoire that Phoebe and Alex have introduced to us - there is something for everyone, and we sing songs that I know well and songs that are completely new to me, and I have have loved learning the arrangements that Phoebe has written. As the months went on last year, we started to prepare for public performances - nerve-wracking at first, as it had been a while since I had performed in public. Phoebe worked so hard to minimise our nerves and keep us smiling so that we would project our very best singing voices! We had some challenging performances - outside and without our wonderful Alex on keyboard was probably the most demanding of them, but I look back over the last year or so and can see how we have learned from our experiences, and how we have gelled as a choir and as friends, and the improvement we have made is incredible! When I joined the choir I didn't ever dream that I would be a soloist, but encouraged by Phoebe, Alex and the other choir members I have found my confidence and enjoyed every moment. I have belonged to choirs before, but they didn’t ever feel as close-knit and friendly as GJC. I have worked hard to learn my parts and it has been worth every moment - I get so much out of it. Even when I’ve had a bad day or not been well, meeting with this wonderful group and making music together brings joy to me and puts a smile on my face.

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