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Sunday evening's just wouldn't be the same now! In March 2016 I decided to tick off a few of my bucket list items, so after the English rose tattoo I set about singing lessons. Fate would throw up Phoebe's name in my google search for a singing coach, and following an email exchange and a couple of lessons I was invited to join GJC. The first Sunday was interesting, not knowing a soul and being the shy retiring type, I joined in the songs as best I could, funnily enough I wasn't put in the sopranos and complemented the bass section. I've loved every minute, and have performed a few times in public now with the choir, you poor souls!! Stripes and I have struck up a partnership, well not so much a singing partnership as a giggling partnership like the naughty school boys we are. Maybe we should focus on the singing more, well at least I think Phoebe might prefer it that way.

Mrs Tubby Wubby has a naughty boat by the way!!!

I'm now a fully fledged member of both choirs that Phoebe runs, Guildford Jazz Choir is an acapella choir and I've gained a new nickname, a polite one for once, Boomer, not entirely sure why ha ha ha ha, but hey it's better than the rest of the names I get called!! Phoebe's effervescence can be felt at every practice session and performance, long live GJC!!!

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