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Hannah C's GJC - From The Members

I arrived in Godalming unexpectedly last April via Oxford, Nottingham, Exeter and Windsor and after a few months settling into another ew part of the country decided that i would stop talking about joining a choir and actually do it!

After checking out the options on Google in July I emailed Phoebe and came for a taster in the last session of the term. Walking into a room full of strangers being one of my biggest challenges, I faced my fears and was welcomed by a lovely bunch of smiling people and didn't need to think twice about coming back in September!

I grew up in Oxford listening to my parents massive collection of vinyl records - Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Madness and Queen being my favourites. My dad was a member of the local Amateur Dramatics Society which influenced my love of Hollywood musicals, in particular West Side Story an any that involved Gene Kelly.

I sing pretty much everyday whilst cooking or washing up and must drive the neighbours mad with my far too loud renditions of mainly Michael Jackson songs!

Even after only a year I feel so at home in Godalming and the choir is the highlight of my week - Sunday night is the perfect time to sing away all your stress and set you up for the new week ahead. Thank you to everyone especially the Mezzos for helping me settle in and to Phoebe for bringing us all together!

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