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Little John's GJC - From The Members

“Join the choir” Phoebe said. “It’ll be fun” Phoebe said.

… “Ive been a drummer for rock bands for 8 years, what'll the guys think?” I said… (to myself)

Turns out it wouldn't even matter what ‘the guys’ would think about it, because joining the Jazz Choir was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Seriously. One of the best.

I had only met Phoebe for just under an hour before she goes “JOIN THE CHOIR WE NEED MORE MEN!” Yup. I was sold.

When I’d hear the term ‘choir’ my instant reaction used to be cringing as my memory would recall to the never ending Sunday School mornings I spent as a child at the church as they sung hymn after hymn after hymn…

But this choir is unlike any other choir. The song choices and arrangements from the evil genius mastermind Phoebe (kidding, she's lovely) are something special. So fun, lively, energetic, old and new, pop, rock, showtunes, jazz, whatever you could want; its there.

I often find myself flicking through the song book going ‘wheeeyyy I love this song.’

On my first trip to Cafe Mila down the Godalming High Street, as I wandered in I thought “yep… they needed more blokes’ and we’ve got them! We have our own little lad bass group now! If you can imagine a cross between McFly, Backstreet Boys and East 17. Yeah… we’re a better looking more talented group.

What more do you really need from a choir? Great people. Great music. Great fun… And the Real Original Gangster himself Alex on the piano. Perf Sunday evening.

It’s also an assured group to beat at a Pub Quiz… Just sayin’

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