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Louise's GJC - From The Members

Jazz music never appeared in my life as I grew up. Neither of my parents listened to it, and nor did any of my grandparents. The closest I came to Jazz was my elder brother playing the trumpet in secondary school!

However, fast forward approximately 20 years and you'll find me at the beginning of my journey to joining GJC! Living at The Meath Epilepsy Charity residential home, I was able to take part in a variety show The Meath were putting on. We were joining local acts in and near Surrey. We thought a Meath choir would be a great idea as a Godalming Choir were joining us for the performance, The Godalming Jazz Choir! To get our choir going we needed someone with sparkle, enthusiasm, kindness, a love for music and a very big walks Phoebe, who had all of these qualities in abundance, and then some!!

Phoebe started working with us a few months before the variety show n October 2016. She introduced herself and she said she directs GJC and GuJC. I have to confess; I am not a big Jazz fan and was worried about what I had let myself in for. Sorry Phoebe! However, when given our choice of songs, all of which were moderns, i thought 'WOW! Her choirs must be amazing!'

After a few weeks of Phoebe's infectious love for music and singing, I joined GJC. When I tell people about the choir and say it's Jazz, some have a similar reaction as I initially did. However, when i tell them about the variety of songs, and generally I believe we have 'Jazz' in our name because we jazz songs up.

I had wanted to join a choir for a long time, and I am so glad I found GJC. We're a tight, united group of friends - turned family. We even held hands once, yes ALL of us, creating a huge arc around Phoebe when doing warm ups! Particularly tough tongue twisters! Now thats what I call a united family front! I now love GJC to bits, they are my second family. There's a lot of us, but it's a beautiful end to any sort of week...even if Phoebe has her whistle! I haven't told Phoebe but i would secretly like to be a part of a duet or trio perhaps!

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