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Hannah's GJC - From the Members

Hello I'm Hannah! I moved to Godalming last year and didn't know a single sole. Whilst traipsing my new streets with the double buggy one day, I stumbled across a poster for Godalming Jazz Choir. I was really intrigued but had to park the idea for a while, to focus on the craziness of life with two little ones.

A few months later, I finally plucked up the courage to join and I'm so pleased I did. Arriving into the beautiful rehearsal studio on my first week, I was really struck by the electric atmosphere. Phoebe, with her wonderfully infectious enthusiasm, has created a such happy little community of singers.

I've been so welcomed by everyone and have met some really lovely people. The warm ups are great fun and perfect at breaking the ice, the song choices are awesome and the power of all those voices coming together is really something. I go home each night after choir feeling alive. I find myself humming all the harmonies around the house and teaching my children all the quirky little warm up songs. It makes a nice change from "Oh the grand old Duke of York".....

I'm new to singing in a choir. I only sang in one once briefly when I was about 16, but I spent most of my time concentrating on an older boy in the tenors than on the harmonies!

My lack of experience doesn't seem to matter though, as Phoebe is such a capable teacher and everyone in the alto section has been so kind in taking me under their wing. I've only been a member for 5 months but I feel like I've grasped a fair amount of the repertoire already. It's amazing how quickly you learn when you're having fun.

When I'm not at choir, I can be found knee deep in motherhood. Phoebe age 3 and Jakey age 1 are my absolute pride and joy. As well as my lovely husband Nathan of course! We try to spend our time in the great outdoors, foraging for sticks, falling into, what feels like, every single puddle and generally causing mayhem. Before I had my babies I was an English and Drama teacher, but that seems like a life time ago, to be honest!

I'm delighted I joined Godalming Jazz Choir and feel so lucky that I stumbled upon the poster that day. Thank you, Phoebe; here's to lots more happy singing!

Hannah xxx

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