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Valentines Day at GJC

I'm not one for Valentines day (she says after reciveing a big beautiful bouqet of red roses today), but honestly singing with Godalming Jazz Choir couldn't be more appealing to me this Sunday. Why choose to be with only one person you love that evening, why not spend the evening with a whole group of people you really like, who you sing with regularly.

You are stuck at home on a Sunday evening, there is nothing better than going to Cafe Mila and singing with a great bunch of people. So why not do the same on Valentines day!'re husband, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mums, dads, dogs, cats, rabbits they will miss you but you will be much more greatful than sitting at home maybe getting treated to a cuddle.

The feeling of singing in a group is proven to release endorphines in the body. Its good for mental and physical fitness. It helps social skills and regulates your breathing and by god its a good laugh.

So come and sing with us this Sunday 14th February because when you get home the cuddles will feel even better...

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