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Steven's GJC - From The Members

What an honour to be accepted by the choir and I really find it an uplifting joy to sing with you all.

I guess I am here because a door opened in my life and I stepped through it. Having been told at school I could not sing nor draw for that matter, I have spent my whole life singing to an audience of one and I thoroughly enjoy a broad spectrum of music, but mainly 70's rock music. The door I mentioned opened when I bought raffle tickets at the Watts Artist Village volunteer Christmas party at which a lot of you will remember singing. The ticket that won a free term with Godalming Jazz Choir was actually opened by my wife, but she is already deeply committed to The Occam Singers a local chamber choir.

“Go for it”, I thought and urged on, I duly contacted Phoebe and here I am singing with you since January this year...

I left the workplace last year and have to say I am so busy I no longer think twice about it. After 46 years at work, life had to move on and we have to re-invent ourselves to keep energy and life in balance. My short time at the choir has allowed

such a different energy into my life that I have wonderful memories already.

How about, at the workshop, Phoebe sliding across the floor on her knees, arms spread wide just like a star in a musical!

The instruction to sing something, anything, even if its wrong, otherwise we have nothing as we all wait for someone else to lead.

The joy on the faces of you all, as we sing to an audience.

Just a few memories that I am sure will be built upon in time to come. Luvin it and looking forward to more..........................

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