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Elsa's GJC - From the Members

As a family we have always sang and danced,well me and the girls! Mainly in the kitchen, loud as you like,quite often in pj' I'm sure all families must. But..... as for joining a choir the thought had never been even close to crossing my mind! However when Phoebe decided that she wanted a choir to sing her down the aisle,and her wedding wasn't far away,she thought she had better start one herself. So of course little old me got dragged along to make up numbers! (I really think it was my dulcet tones she was after!) Feeling like a fish out of water, off I trudged, but it wasn't long before I really started to enjoy singing along with everyone and watching the choir grow in strength and number. Observing my talented daughter in her element has been a joy. Encouraging,funny, sometimes cross if we are too noisy and not listening!! always full of enthusiasm and vigour, absolutely determined to make each and everyone of us sing to the best of our ability. After a term or so she even managed to drag her Dad (Geoff to you lot! ) along,and that by itself is quite a feat I can unsure you! I think the promise of the pub at the end of the evening helped somewhat! Now even Inky ( our little but fearless Lakeland terrier) comes along too and has been heard joining in at times. Low and behold two and a bit years down the line and I'm still going! (With a few performances under my belt) only now it's because I love it, and feel like I belong to this amazing miss mash of demographics that turn up on a regular basis, rain or shine for a sing song on their precious Sunday evenings.......she's even got me doing a couple of little solos! ( I really want a big one,but please don't tell her,I'm not ready for it yet!) My Sunday nights are now sorted,a good old sing song with my family Phoebe,Geoff,Inky and now she can drive...Flosspops too! My baby. Yes and you lot as well....even though I can't always remember all of your names You all feel like family too, choir family. Plus the sneaky drink at our local afterwards of course! that's quite a pull. You know you are hooked, line and sinker when you start humming the tunes in your sleep, and start singing the warm up rhyming stuff in the back of the taxi after a night out on the town much to the amusement of the poor driver. (It was my birthday so I think It was only natural!) Phoebe your choir is great, l love it and I love you. I am a very proud mum and honoured that you allow me (and Dad and Inky!) to be part of it, I hope we are not too embarrassing as I'd hate to have to give it up! I'd miss all my family! See you all Sunday Elsa x

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